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   TYTAN's Patented 4N1 Bucket grabs
all !  Fits on any front loader  !!
50" is  $1795
60" is  $1995
66" is  $2195
72" is  $2399 

Great for grabbing logs, rocks, dirt and
blackberry bushes by the roots !

TYTAN's Power Disc cuts  ground like Butter and cuts Deep  !

  4 Disc is  $1999 
  5 Disc is  $2395
 7 Disc is  $2995
9 Disc is  $3495


Tytan's Patented KingChipper out        preforms those costing 3X.   
Handles well with 23hp and up.  
PTO shaft included.

Totally Self Feeding
Wont tip over in the back of
your pickup.

It is a Blade, Log Grabber, Large Bucket and Scraper.

10' Land Leveler is like NOTHING
Else.   Works well with 23hp+      
All heavy steel.    $1399

Tytan's HEAVY DUTY  Drag
Harrows can easily cut the ground !
Available in  4', 8', 10' & 12



        TYTAN has PARTS & SERVICE  for Shenniu Tractors, YTO Tractors, Taishan Tractors, Benye Tractors, Yancheng Tractors, Jinma Tractors, Dong Feng Tractors, Shanghai Tractors, Feng Shou Tractors, Hinomoto Tractors, Yanmar Tractors, Kubota Tractors, Kioti Tractors, LS Tractors Tractors, Montana Tractors, Rhino Tractors, TYM Tractors, Iseki Tractors, Tianjin Tractors, New Holland Tractors,  Case Tractors, John Deere Tractors,  Zetor Tractors, Ford Tractors, Hercules Tractors, Bison Tractors, Farmer  Nortrac, Worktrac, Agracat, Ag King and All Chinese Tractors, Korean Tractors or Japanese Tractors and many others.  That also includes repairing or replacing OLD and NEW Clutches, Transmissions and Engines for all the above..  


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