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      In order to know more about Tytan, it helps to know more about its Founder.  Listed below is  a timeline of achievements  that lead up to  TODAY by Mark Leonard !

  • Mark was the first High School Baseball player to make the State Allstar Team in Sophomore, Junior and Senior years. Mark has always been a sports enthusiast.
  • At the University of Washington, Mark graduated with a Degree in Economics.  Additionally he was  the College Ping Pong and Squash Champion. Mark paid his own way through College with a Photography Company that he and a classmate started, called Campus Photography.
  • After College Mark became a Manufacturers representative with Exclusive Contracts with Starcraft Boats, Ray Ban Sun Glasses, CVA Muzzle Loaders, Marlin Rifles, Zeiss Binoculars, Brunton Compasses,  G Loomis Fishing Rods, Black Sheep Products, Minn Kota Electric Fishing Motors, Johnson Reels, Chicago Cutlery, Western Cutlery and more. Mark's Representative firm was called  TLC or The Leonard Company. This effort grew from Mark just being a NW representative by himself, to his expanding into his owning his own 13 Western State Representative firm, with seven salesmen working for him .  This made Mark the youngest Principal & Owner  of a Major  Representative group in the USA.
  • In 1981 Mark started a Boat Trailer Distributorship that he named Trailerworld.  Trailerworld became the first Distributor for Shore Land'r Boat Trailers in the Western United States.  Shore Land'r had never sold in the west prior to that time.  In 1981 Mark started with zero customers and by1992, Mark's Company Trailerworld had grown to be not only Shore Land'rs largest Distributor, but also the Largest Volume Distributor of Boat trailers, any where  in the USA and Canada.
  • In 1984 Mark started a  PRN Sales Inc.  PRN  became the  Exclusive USA Importer of the Buzzbomb fishing lure.  Sales in the USA prior to Mark getting it was only $161,000 for the entire US. Mark was able to get  the Buzzbomb Fishing Lure onto the #1 rated Television Fishing show at the time, Fishing the West.  That was extremely helpful in having the Lure get great acceptance Nationwide due to the TV advertisements. Additionally the #1 retailer in the USA at the time was K Mart. Mark worked with Kmart to get into 3500 stores. Sales grew in 24 months to $1,400,000.
  • In 1986  Mark started the Promark Inc a line of fishing boots and waders. The Hip & Chest waders designed by Mark and made in Korea, were a hit everywhere. Mark brought his own designed Box packaging to an Industry that had been mostly poly bags.  Mark hired the women in his town, whose husbands worked in timber. The women  packed & shipped the boots, as well as the Buzzbomb fishing lures. After a short time, Mark's trademarked boots, Promark & Proline  were shipped to Distributors all over the country.  Pro Line boots are in most every major fishing store to this date.
  • In 1989 Mark went to China on a fact finding trip to study the possibility of importing farm tractors. He arrived back home with 4 Exclusive Agreements that included  the 4 Largest Tractor companies in China.  Mark named his company Rhino Tractors or Rhino International.  Mark worked with Jinma, Benye, Shanghai and Tianjin tractor companies who had never shipped a major customer in the USA. Mark worked with the  factories to make the cosmetics on the tractors acceptable to the USA market place. Mark helped these factories to develop power steering,  two stage clutches, direct engine driven hydraulic pumps and much more.  By 1995, Rhino had grown to 120 Dealers Nationwide and 25 employees. Mark sold Rhino in the later part of 1995. 
  • In 1992  Mark took designs for the first Wood Chipper to ever be made in China. Mark arranged for the Jinma Tractor factory to manufacturer the Chipper..
  • In 1993  Mark designed his own Tractor tires for his most popular size range of 20-35 hp. These tire designs were called "Dual Trax".  Mark designed & paid for his own tire molds to make the Dual Trax tires. Mark was the first tractor entity to ever do this.
  • In 1996 Mark sold Rhino International Inc.   This Rhino story was all made possible by having some great help. The Chinese Government had given Mark basically an unlimited Credit line. Mark took full advantage of that by adding 120 dealers Nation wide .At the time of the sale, Mark's credit line had grown to match sales and all invoices had to be paid off within 90 days. At the time of the Sale, Mark's line of credit with the Chinese was at $2,350,000 and the real shocker was that it was all done on only a hand shake of Trust .  The Chinese Government on the other hand benefitted from these factories Mark had developed to meet the USA needs, by very valuable sales, agreements and  leases. John Deere got the Tianjin Tractor factory and beanie Tractor Factory, New Holland got the Shanghai tractor factory and Mahindra got Jinma. No other such deals were ever done with any other Chinese Tractor factories.
  • In 1996 Mark purchased an Old Brewery building in downtown Spokane (Schade Towers), bordered by WSU, Gonzaga University, EWU and Spokane Community College. No developers had ever been able to figure out a plan that made sense with the fact there were no interior walk ways. The building was the home of Pigeons and transients. Mark did a extensive job of cleaning up the building and totally renovated it, so that it would qualify for the Historic Tax Credits. The building was in serious state of decline at the time of purchase. Bricks were falling off, water leakages, and decay. Mark figured out against two architect firms advice, that the way to have access to all portions of the buildings areas, was to put an elevator right down the middle of it. Mark splurged and put a copper roof put on the building and at near completion it was voted the #1 Best liked Historic building in Spokane. The other huge problem with this building was that the only ground that it had with it, was only the very ground it was sitting on.  Parking was not possible.  The owner of the Property behind the Schade Towers, was not wanting to sell. The owner in the front was the City and they also did not want to sell. Mark was told that it was impossible for these two properties to ever be available. Well, Mark worked both the back neighbor and the City of Spokane, that eventually  allowed Mark to purchase both properties for parking. That is what saved the building from being condemned.
  • By 2003 Mark's many Chinese factory friends persuaded Mark that their were opportunities out their for a guy with his background.  Mark went to China and came home with several Factory Exclusive Agreements.  They did not overlap with the Rhino factories.  From 2003 to 2010  Sales were matching Rhino at every equivalent time period. By this time Mark knew every major Tractor & Equipment factory Boss in China, personally.
  • In 2004 Mark designed and had built his own Chipper that became  "Kingchipper".
  • In 2005 Mark designed and had built the first rear.fuel tanks that moved the fuel filling from under a tractor hood, to the rear of the tractor. These molded tanks can be installed on a high percentage of tractors.
  • In 2006 Mark designed and had built his own hoods and fenders for the 334 & 504 Tytan Tractors.  Mark ordered and purchased the molds for his tractors, thus being the first to do so in China..
  • On December 24, 2009   China's leading Newspapers  "Global Times" wrote a feature article talking about Mark's successful dealings in China and the many contacts or friends that he has made there.
  • On August 20, 2011  Mark was awarded a Patent on many features to his 4N1 Front Loader Bucket design
  • On November 13, 2012  Mark was awarded a Patent on his uniquely designed Wood Chipper.


  Click here for Global Times Article..

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